Cyber Physical Chain
A new distributed infrastructure for next generation IoT
Light paper Whitepaper
What is CPChain?
Integration of IoT & Blockchain
CPChain is a new distributed infrastructure for next generation IoT.
CPChain intends to build a fundamental data platform for IoT system in combination with distributed storage, encryption computation and blockchain technologies, providing the whole process solution from data acquisition, storage, sharing to application.

CPChain is a promising solution to a series of challenges of current “chimney architecture” of IoT systems, reducing connectivity cost of devices, protecting data privacy and maximizing the value of IoT data.
The core feature of the CPChain is to realize the transmission of the value of cyber-physical systems. The main technology contribution is to propose a systematic scheme to address the scalability and real-time problems of blockchain technology in IoTs from the perspective of data storage and computation, and consensus protocols, including parallel distributed architecture, two-layer hybrid consensus mechanism and lightweight side chain consensus protocl.
CPChain Vision
To build a new world of Internet of Things where data from IoT devices are highly integrated and valuable
To fully develop and optimize CPChain's core technology and seek cooperation with partners to fulfill industrial landing
To share data for business and research purpose
To seek thorough business landing domestically and internationally to maximize the value of IoT data
CPChain is a trusted basis platform for data sharing and transaction of large-scale distributed IoT systems. It is widely applied in industries such as intelligent transportation, smart medical and intelligent manufacturing, etc.
Intelligent Manufacturing
Intelligent Transportation
Smart Medical
Three major adoption scenarios
The value of CPChain comes from the improvement of the physical industry efficiency and the innovation of business models, which results from data aggregation and mobility.
Multi-parties data transaction
multi-party trust created by CPChain
Artificial intelligence decisions based on IoT big data
interoperability of heterogeneous data, forming big data aggregation
Interaction and application of data assets in cross-chain, which led to new business models
cross-chain relay and collaboration
CPChain Team
The CPChain R&D team is an international, knowledge-structured, energetic team. The founding team members include top talent from universities, Internet of Things industry, financial security companies and business operations.
Dr. Chengnian Long
Founder, CEO, Professor, Principal Scientist
Dr. Long is a full professor and has many years of experience in the fields of cyber physical system security, Internet of Things, distributed intelligent system with blockchain technology. He has published more than 80 papers in internationally renowned journals and conferences, and has more than 10 patents for invention.
Dr. Bin Zhao
CPChain Co-Founder, CTO
Dr. Zhao has more than 12 years research and develop experience on communication, Internet of Things and FinTech. Extended experience in management of R&D team. He has three patents on inventions in Internet of Things.
Qingwei Shi
CPChain Co-Founder, COO
Mr Shi is an early participant in the blockchain and digital currency. Founder of the shared finance and HPB, participated in the preparation and investment of many projects.
Dr. Matthew Ma
R&D Director
Kevin Chan
Product Manager
Borun Fu
Senior Software Engineer
Kevin Xu
Senior Software Engineer
Blue Liu
Software Engineer
Jason Liu
Software Engineer
Wayne Tian
Senior Media and PR Manager
Alec Chan
Senior Marketing Manager
Rhea Wu
Senior Community Operations Manager
Fei Wu
Marketing Manager
Cici Qin
Senior UI Designer
Ivy Jin
Senior UI Designer
Reece Huang
Associate Researcher
Renfei Huang
Associate Researcher
Partners & Investors