R&D Update:


  1. All kinds of preparation for Bitrun Hackathon

    1. Simple examples of deploying smart contract, calling contract and sending raw transaction for hackathon

    2. Beginner-oriented quick start to install prerequisite dependencies and deploy smart contract in a brand-new Linux

    3. Curated fusion APIs for hackathon participants

    4. Faucet page for Mainnet Beta

    5. Migrate solidity docs to CPChain docs

  2. Stress test

  1. High transaction history on 16 Apr for stress test

  2. Rapid Increasing of addresses from hackathon participants


Optimize heap efficiency in transaction pool

  1. A high frequency of big.Int comparision results in a large computing overhead
  2. We switch it to int type to gain a large boost in tps at a small cost of precision

Fixed Bugs:

  1. An unexpected suspense occasionally occurs when syncing over 20000 blocks for a civilian

  2. The chain halts after sending too many blocks in a block

  3. An unexpected impeach block is inserted after a block with a very large number of transactions



1. MOBI Shanghai Colloquium. The very first MOBI China Colloquium took place successfully at IBM Shanghai on 4/22/2019. CPChain together with MOBI, IBM China and Tribe accelerrator from Singapore hosted a whole afternoon meetup. Speakers and attendees include experts from BMW, Volksvwagen, AMA next lab, R3, Didi, World Economic Forum, Bank of Yokohama Group, etc. It has been prooved a great success in terms of industrial discussion as well as networking. 

3. 9012 Bitrun Hackthon. From 4/20/2019 to 4/22/2019, CPChain co-hosted the 9012 Hackthon at Zhejiang University. More than 100 developers participated in and finally the team focus on V2X based on CPChain won the "Most Innovative Award".

3. (Preview) CPChain RNode Public Test Phase. On 3/31, the Beta Mainnet went live. The R&D team has already finished 4 rounds of RNode test runs based on the current version. However, in order to test the mainnet stability under a more open environment, CPChain will invite the community to crowd test the RNode on the Beta mainnet. Detailed information will be released this week. The application period will be 7 days and the Test session will last for 30 days. A total pool of 1.5 mm cpc will be distributed to the participants. 

Business Development
1. Morpheus Lab.
CPChain Signed a partnership agreement with the Singapore based blockchain project Morpheus Lab on Apr. 14th, 2019. The two companies will cooperate in the future in fields of Dapp development, Hackthons, Academic Research, etc. 

Above is the Update 04/08/2019 ~04/22/2019. Stay Tuned and patience will pay off.

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