CPChain Community Update 5.0

by CPChain at July 28, 2018
— Research and Development (R&D)

CPChain has consistently focused on research & development as the core objective of the project. On June 26, 2018, we were proud to introduce PDash; a solution for a more efficient, secure, and cost-effective data exchange including the following features:

  • A fully-fledged wallet that brings data to the vast amount of users
  • An open market that connects data providers with consumers
  • A distributed proxy network that safeguards data relay
  • A chain that unites and stimulates all data sharing participants

— Partnerships

Partnership with Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative
On July 24, 2018, CPChain announced its partnership with Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI), a nonprofit organization that works with forward-thinking companies like BMW, Fords, and General Motors, to improve the auto industry by promoting standards and accelerating the adoption of blockchain and related technologies.

“With the recent advancements in connected and autonomous vehicles, there is a clear need for technology that can ensure the various technologies can safely and efficiently interact with another, this is where blockchain and its immutable records have proven to be viable solutions. We’re thrilled to partner with MOBI to help create and accelerate adoption of blockchain in the automotive industry.”
 — Dr. Long Chengnian, CEO of CPChain

Partnership with Marzi PR for global scale promotion 
Marzi PR is a full-service public relations agency that connects innovators, top influencers, and game changers to journalists, bloggers, analysts, and thought leaders in the blockchain. Marzi PR has also pioneered a unique methodology for mass media blockchain campaigning that has elevated companies to high notoriety and establishment. With offices located in New York, Moscow, and Asia — Marzi PR has a global reach unlike any other.

Partnership with TrueBlocks to develop the East Asian Market
CPChain is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with TrueBlocks, a South Korea-based accelerator that aims to foster rapid project growth and a market development team focused on the promotion of blockchain technology within the Korean community.


— Exchanges

CPChain Listed on KuCoin with Trading Competition
CPChain is honored to be listed on KuCoin and to have another major exchange supporting us. KuCoin is also hosting a CPChain Trading Competition where our community has a chance to gains a share of rewards including 1,000,000 CPChain tokens and 6 BTC.


CPChain Listed on Loopring
Loopring announced the addition of several new ERC20 tokens on their DEX. CPChain was honored to be part of this new token listing and we are looking forward to furthering our collaboration.


CPChain Bibox Trading Competition
Bibox launched a CPChain trading event as well, where our community has an opportunity to share a reward of 1,200,000 CPChain tokens!


— Global Community

CPChain — Technical Community AMA 
The launch of our PDash platform was a monumental step in the progress of CPChain. And so we invited our community to ask technical questions regarding the CPChain platform, we were pleased to present our community with the Technical Q&A.


CPChain — Website Launch
As part of the CPChain rebranding phase, we launched our brand-new website including the following updates:
 1. Fixed issues with regards to cross-platform adaptation.
 2. Improved scalability complications with on-site images. 
 3. New animations on the CPChain homepage.
 4. Adjusted theme and tones of the website to increase clarity.
 5. Larger quantity of content in the News/Media page.


CPChain Visual Arts Season — Logo Rebrand
We also rebranded the official CPChain logo and would like to once again congratulate community member Tay for being awarded the MID (Most Influential Designer) of the CPChain Logo Design Contest.


CPChain — Essay Awards
The CPChain team was delighted to announce the winners of the CPChain Essay Awards. In our contest, we issued a call for the community to write high-quality analytical essays for CPChain. We had a goal to improve development and to reinforce the relationship between the CPChain team and community.


CPChain — Community Members
Since Community Update 4.0, the CPChain community has been growing. Please see below for our current social media member count:


— Chinese Community

CPChain BIHU Airdrop
CPChain founded the BIHU Community and launched an Airdrop on July 24, 2018, offering 2000000 CPC SUPER Rewards . The event will take place from 12:00, July 24 to 16:00, August 1, with detailed Rewards options as following:

1 x First Prize: 100,000 CPC
5 x Second Prize: 20,000 CPC/each
20 x Third Prize: 5,000 CPC/ each
200 x Fourth Prize: 500 CPC/each
53,333 x Fifth Prize: 30 CPC/each


CPChain-BIHU Online live Open Lecture
CPChain conducted the first domestic online open lecture on the BIHU platform at 8 p. m. on July 24, 2018. The guests were CEO of CPChain, Dr. Andrew Long and CTO of CPChain, Dr. Jack Zhao. The open lecture was broadcast live in the form of voice + graphics in nearly 20 WeChat groups. It mainly introduced the CPChain team, technology, and future application scenarios. The lecture aroused warmly discussion in the community.

CPChain-BIHU Essay Contest
In addition to Airdrop and online open lecture, we also launched the first Essay Contest in China, entitled “PDsah Fantasy.” We hope the community can further understand the concept of PDash, as well as the future landing application scenes, and enhance interaction with the community. So far, we have received a number of high-quality articles, and we will eventually select 10 excellent articles with 4000 CPC award each. 
Contest Duration: 12: 00 July, 24th to 23:59 August 1st, HKT.
Contest Rules: in APP > popular CPC, issue the topic #PDash fantasy #


Huobi Public Chain Leadership Election
Dr long Chengnian, CEO of CPChain, will participate in the selection of leaders of the public chain of Huobi from 7. 20 ~ 8. 20. Please vote for him!


CPChain to the Peak of Elbrus
On June 30, 2018, at 7: 00 a.m. Russia time, Kevin, the product manager of CPChain , with team flag on his shoulder, successfully reached the top of Mt. Elbrus at the highest point of 5642 meters high. In a frigid, oxygen-sparsely ventilated environment, Kevin went on for three days of adaptive training and finally made it to the top!

CPChain Chinese Community Statics


— Media Outreach

Blockchain’s Role in Global Cybersecurity and US-China Trade War
Dr. Zhao Bin, Co-Founder of CPChain, was requested to share his thoughts on the role of blockchain in Global Cybersecurity and the US-China Trade War. As CPChain focuses on data security and value, we are pleased to engage in discussions and share our thoughts with influencers and media. 
Visionz Capital — CPChain Research Paper 
We would like to thank Visionz Capital for publishing an excellent CPChain Research Paper with professionalism and enthusiasm. Visionz Capital is a crypto asset fund manager that hopes to invest and support innovative blockchain projects with the potential to make a positive impact on the world. We believe that blockchain technology can create new business models that dramatically change current landscape across multiple facets of our lives.
CPChain Chainers 2018 Live Stage Interview (Chinese)


— News

CPChain team travels to South Korea
On the first day of July, the CPChain team embarked to South Korea on a rewarding two-day journey. During this trip we accomplished three major objectives from our agenda:

  • Attend the Chainers 2018 conference in Seoul, Korea.
  • Investigate the local market environment within East Asia.
  • Conduct strategic business discussions with local partners.

Our team also presented two keynote speeches at the Chainers 2018 conference which can be found below:

CPChain: “The Integration of Digital Economy and Trust Machine 
 — Dr. Andrew Long


CPChain: “Let’s Make Data Flow” 
 — Dr. Matthew Ma


CPChain has made strides within the industry, closing $30 million via a private sale in less than 48 hours and garnering attention and support from investments and partners such as the Trusted IOT Alliance (TIOTA), Qtum, Metaverse, High-Performance Blockchain (HPB) and VeChain. Fully backed by an international team with experience in IoT, finance, security and commercial operations, CPChain is led by Dr. Long Chengnian, Founder, and CEO of CPChain and Dr. Zhao Bin, Co-Founder, who has secured three patents on IoT inventions.

Above is the Community Update 5.0 for CPChain. Please follow our social media for announcements regarding exchanges, partnerships, events, and community updates.

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Community Updates
The People's Daily Exclusive Interview with Dr. LONG

Recently, in the "2018 Shanghai Blockchain Conference", Dr. Long Chengnian, founder and CEO of CPChain, accepted an exclusive interview with the People's Daily and expressed his technical research and industrial application in the field of blockchain. The relationship between the blockchain and the Internet and the future application of the blockchain.

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