Dear Community, 

It has been a month since we announced the public test phase. A warm participation rate with a total number of 77,512 blocks has been created. We sincerely appreciated the enthusiasm and would like to distribute rewards towards all the efforts. Originally we had estimated a total amount of 259,200 blocks in a whole month with at least two-thirds of which are from the community. However, the final number is lower than expected due to the "test" origin of this event. It was not always fluent in the proposing procedure and performance.

Tech issues from the participants have gathered tons of precious data for our R&D team. While at the same time, we could foresee the lack of blocks which might result in a loss in basic profit to participate in this event. So, after careful discussion internally, the team has agreed on making some amendment for the previous reward plan. Details as following:

  1. We witnessed 60 active participants for the test. For each of them, every block they proposed will gain them 6 cpc in return. In addition, we will also release 10,000 cpc for each participant as a bonus for their contribution to the ecosystem.  
  2. The season 1 test phase will end by midnight 6/5/2019 HKT. The team will start the 2nd test session this June. Details about the upcoming test will be released later on.
  3. We got a lot of feedback from the community about the lack of instruction on the choice of VPS. Upon the next test phase, we will officially give out suggestions on VPS selection. 

So many suggestions, high-quality issues and even design work related to the chain performance flooded to us in the past May. We will also announce the reward for these contributors at a certain time point soon. To wrap up the 1st season of Public Test Phase, please kindly complete the following survey so that we can distribute reward to you more quickly. 

<<<CPChain RNode Public Test Phase Post-Event Survey>>>

All the tokens will be delivered in the next few days. 

CPChain, towards the trusted future.


CPChain Team

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Jan. 11, 2019