CPChain SPARK Program Vol. 2 Arrives!

by CPChain at Sept. 12, 2019

Dear Community,

It has been a while after the formal mainnet launch. The mainnet has been stably running for over two months. The network has been holding  63 RNodes in total with most of which come from our community members. We have received feedback from the community that some cpc holders that are willing to be RNodes missed the timing to participate in the first session of the SPARK Program. Since we are still holding the trigger for Wallet and Exchange Swap due to exchange application, we seek to find an alternative way for our community to get themselves qualified of being RNodes. After internal discussion, the foundation decided that we would open up another window for the community to swap their token to mainnet version before the wallet and exchange swap. 

This leads to the CPChain SPARK Program Vol.2!!!

Following are the details:

Application Session 
2019/09/13 0:00 am - 2019/09/16 0:00 am (HKT)

Applicants MUST transfer at least 20,000 cpc to be considered legitimate for receiving bonus. 

An ERC-20 CPC holder MUST transfer the amount of token of cpc that he/she wants to swap in this project directly from the wallet (with full control of private key) to our token swap address:


The foundation will return the CPChain Tokens (Principal + interest) to the same address the participant used for swapping before. ( Interest Rate = 0.39% for 7 days) 


For instance, If A transfers 50,000 cpc to the address we provided on 9/14/2019, 4 PM, HKT, The system will automatically define the release time would be 7 natural days later, which will be 9/21/2019, 4 PM, HKT. A will get the distribution in 24 hours after the release time point with 50, 000 *(1 + 0.39%) = 50,195 cpc. The foundation set the interest rate at 0.39% based on a rough calculation of Yearly RoI at around 20%.  The intention for distributing bonus for token swap is mainly rewarding the long term support. 

**Important Notice &Warning**

Please read carefully the bellow tips for participating in Project SPARK. It is closely related to the safety of your own tokens. Please make sure the below action tips are kept in mind. The CPChain Foundation IS not responsible for any loss of property caused by personal reasons for failure to comply with the following regulations!!!

1. Please DO NOT transfer the ERC-20 cpc from exchange address directly. (You don’t have private key there!)

2. Please use wallet such as Imtoken or MEW, where you have the ownership of the private key. (WHICH is very important!) to send the ERC-20 cpc. 

3. Any transfer after the application due WILL NOT be able to get the interest but will get the principle token back after 30-day lock-up session. 

4. The time we will use to decide whether one is on time or not is based on the block proposing time recorded by etherscan.com. Since there is a certain delay in the transfer of Ethereum, it is strongly recommended that you complete the destruction before 23:50 on Sept. 15th, 2019, HKT, so as not to miss the final application time.

5. A basic swap limit of 20,000 cpc MUST be met to be considered legitimate for receiving the bonus.


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