Dear CPChain Community,

On the first day of July, the CPChain team embarked on a rewarding two-day journey to South Korea. During this trip we accomplished three major objectives from our agenda:

  • Attend the Chainers 2018 conference in Seoul, Korea.
  • Investigate the local market environment within East Asia.
  • Conduct strategic business discussions with local partners.

On July 1st, Dr. Matthew Ma, Technical Director, introduced his keynote presentation “Let’s Make Data Flow” as a part of the first day of the Chainers 2018 conference. The keynote speech detailed the technical and functional features of PDash, the core infrastructure platform of CPChain. The presentation received optimistic responses from investors, exchanges, technical enthusiasts, and blockchain influencers throughout South Korea.

Dr. Andrew Long, Founder and CEO, and Mr. Wayne Tian, Overseas Operations Director, engaged in discussions with numerous potential investors and partners during the VIP dinner. We have arranged follow-up meetings with several of these associates and we’re looking forward to sharing further developments with our community throughout the following months.


On July 2nd, Dr. Andrew Long conveyed his keynote presentation “The Integration of Digital Economy and Trust Machine.” The speech deeply elucidated the evolution of the digital economy, IoT as the driving force of this growth, and the solutions created by the CPChain platform.

The presentation received quite positive feedback amongst both the conference attendees and the internet-based audience. Being the first public presence of Dr. Long in the Korean community, this was an important milestone for CPChain. The appearance of Dr. Long in Seoul marks the entry of CPChain into the East Asian market.


During the two-day journey in Seoul, Dr. Long also conducted five interviews with Korean Blockchain media outlets. The media reports with regards to these interviews will be released to the Korean Blockchain community within the following weeks. We will present these reports on our website for our global community to view.


On the second day of our trip we visited one of our local partners, TrueBlocks, at their headquarters in the Gangnam District of Seoul. TrueBlocks is a South Korea-based accelerator that aims to foster rapid project growth and a market development team focused on the promotion of blockchain technology within the Korean community. Dr. Long and the CEO of TrueBlocks exchanged gifts and discussed strategic plans for entry into the East Asian market.


While this was simply a two-day expedition, it was a progressive step for CPChain towards developing global recognition. After returning from Korea, our executive board has reaffirmed several key points for the upcoming months:

  1. As we continue to develop our innovative IoT solution, technology will remain our priority.
  2. We will focus on developing the global brand recognition for CPChain.
  3. Our masternode structure will be revealed in August 2018.
  4. The CPChain mainnet will launch in October 2018.

We have received astounding feedback throughout this journey and we are motivated to continue further developing CPChain in both technology and global brand awareness.

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