(Shanghai, 06/28/2019) Chain Star Semiconductor (hereinafter as "Chain Star Semi"), the well-known chip provider in China recently accepted CPChain’s invitation and formally joined CPChain Industry Node Partnership Program. It is also the first industry node from the traditional industries.

Chain Star Semi is a military-civilian-level communication antenna and chip provider. Through self-developed satellite phased multi-beam millimeter-wave array, Chain Star Semi has cooperated with HorizonBase Communication Technology Inc. to develop ASIC chips for high performance, low power consumption, and high reliability, which are dedicated to edge computing scenarios such as satellite communications. The ASIC chip PUMA (Chinese name: 彪), which is developed by Chain Star Semi, uses on-chip integrated eFPGA to realize flexible algorithm design. It is compatible with different software-defined radio interfaces and compatible with multiple software-defined radio interfaces.

In the future, Chain Star Semi will work together with CPChain to deeply dig the possibility of industrial adoption of blockchain technology in the field of cross-border data traffic settlement and so on. In addition, Chain Star would also love to be involved in CPChain community governance and chain maintenance. 

Stay Tune and there are more ongoing!

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