(Shanghai, 7/5/2019) Fuzhou Internet of Things Open Lab (Hereinafter as “FIOT- LAB”) recently reached an agreement with IWURONG, the Chinese entity of CPChain Foundation to conduct a strategic partnership. The two companies will fully expand the cooperation in fields of R&D, Business Development, and Marketing based on the commission to share the resources and experiences.  

Fuzhou Internet of Things Open Lab (FIOT- LAB) was founded in Mawei in March 2017 by Chinese Academy of Sciences - Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology (SIMIT), Fuzhou Municipal Government, and Mawei District Government, with technological consulting support from Huawei. FIOT-LAB takes NB-IoT as the market entry opportunity and is aiming at Internet of Things (IoT) technologies represented by 5G. The open lab is commtted to become the leader of IoT industry standards, the forerunner of the practical application scene simulation, and the provider of“one-stop” and “end-to-end” solution.

As mentioned in the slogan “CPChain, towards the trusted future”, the foundation has never forgotten our mission to improve the blockchain integration in IoT industry. CPChain (known as Iwurong in China), together with our industrial partners have collaborated closely under the topics of data sovereignty of IoT devices, Efficiency in IoT data flow, Incentives for data sharing, etc. Several adoption-related projected have been in progress for a while such as seamless Electric Vehicle Parking and Charging, DrugLedger, PDash and so on.

The partnership with FIOT-Lab is also aiming at pushing for tech adoption. The FIOT-Lab will provide technology support for CPChain Foundation in fields of product authentication and testing in the future.

CPChain, towards the trusted future!

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