(Shanghai, 07/03/2019) Hyperion Decentralized Infrastructures (HDI), The Switzerland based emerging Node Management Platform recently reached an agreement with the Foundation and has formally become one member of CPChain Industry Node Ecosystem. 

Hyperion Decentralized Infrastructures (HDI) was founded in February by a heterogeneous group of investors, blockchain developers, and professionals. HDI was one of the first companies in Europe funded with a cryptocurrency capital provision.

HDI has a growing portfolio of blockchain investments and projects providing POS infrastructure nodes, commercial, technological and other ancillary services. HDI forges long-term relationships with partners that pursue a legit and sound use of the technology, echoing the true values of the blockchain ecosystem.

Diego Cesarei, HDI’s Chairman, commented: “We are humbled and honored to join the impressive group of Industry node participants that CPChain has put together. We are part of CPC ecosystem since before the testnet; thanks to this additional step we will be able to further reinforce our ties and support CPC in strengthening its presence in Europe.” 

CPChain co-founder and COO, Well Shi, expressed his high anticipation for this partnership as well: “CPChain is a project targeting at the global market. HDI will be a very important node in Europe for CPChain. ”

In the future, HDI Group will cooperate with other industry nodes to stabilize and enhance the network performance of CPChain by providing professional hardware support. By consistently importing long-term accumulated industrial resources to the project, HDI Group will also help CPChain to develop global business in terms of Dapp introduction and tech adoption. 


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