IWurong Officially Joins EASTS

by CPChain at July 17, 2019

IWurong, the Chinese registered company of CPChain, recently accepted the invitation from our industrial friends and officially joined the Electric Alliance of Smart Travel Sharing (EASTS).

Launched by SimTech, a smart mobility product and service provider, EASTS was established in Gui'an New District on May 25, 2018. Members of EASTS includes leading companies in China such as FAW, China Mobile, iFlyTech, UISEE and so on. The EASTS aims to unite the leaders in Green Vehicle Industry, Supply Chain Industry, and Shared Mobility industry,  jointly promoting the nationwide development of electric smart sharing travel business projects.

At present, China's automobile growth is gradually becoming saturated. The Auto industry is shifting from incremental to the stock market. In this transformation process, the huge automobile inventory also brings a series of questions: How to release the value of data generated from the vehicles? How to alleviate the environmental pollution caused by emission? How to ensure the safety and interoperability of vehicle data, etc. These problems are the "blockers" that must be solved before the realization of intelligent travel.

To solve these problems, the efforts from only a single enterprise will not be sufficient and efficient. It requires the cooperation of various companies from both upstream and downstream of the industry. This is why IWurong joined EASTS. CPChain would like to work together with other members to push the mass adoption of Blockchain tech in fields of shared economy and smart mobility industry.

In the future, IWurong will fulfill the obligations of EASTS members by actively exploring the way to combine EV and blockchain technology with other members.

CPChain, towards the trusted future!


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