Official Announcement of SPARK Program

by CPChain at July 30, 2019

Dear Community:

After 1 Month’s lock-up session, the SPARK program is about to reach the finish line. A total of 85,194,948 CPC are finally involved in the event, which accounts for  23% of the total circulation supply. In this announcement, you will know details about the following steps to finish the token swap and to start proposing blocks as RNode.

Token Swap & Reward

Between July 31st and August 6th, the foundation will return the principal plus bonus (1.67%) to the participants of the SPARK program as scheduled. If a participant transferred the ERC-20 cpc to us on 7/2, he will receive the mainnet version CPC on 8/1 at the same address. The participants can check their balance on the releasing day at the CPChain Explorer.

RNode Proposer Functionality Formal online

Once the participants of SPARK program receive their token, they can start to propose blocks on the mainnet and correspondingly get rewards fro their work. The entry requirement is at least 200,000 cpc in balance.

RNode Proposer Instruction

Step 1) Use the following Link to download the CPChain Desktop
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Download Link<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

## Mac (32 bytes): cpchain-darwin-10.6-386
     Mac (64 bytes): cpchain-darwin-10.6-386

     Windows (32 bytes): cpchain-windows-4.0-386

     Windows (64 bytes): cpchain-windows-4.0-amd64

     Linux (32 bytes): cpchain-linux-386

     Linux (64 bytes): cpchain-linux-amd64

**Caution: Please unzip the file after download complete. (Don’t open the file directly)


Step 2) Run the CPChain Desktop

Let’s take Windows 64 system as an example:

Open CMD on windows.  
2. Enter the download path. For example, if you download the file at your desktop. Then enter the following two lines in the cmd:

cd desktop
cd cpchain-windows-4.0-amd64


Step 3) Propose the Block
Again, let’s take Windows 64 system as an example:

In CMD, enter:

cpchain-windows-4.0-amd64.exe run --rpcaddr --port 30311 --mine --rpcapi personal,eth,cpc,admission,net,web3,db,txpool,miner –linenumber

##If you would like to more about the detailed action steps, please refer to:


What’s Next

  • CPChain Wallet will be online in the middle of August. Transaction and Economy Node Reward Program will be formally online alongside the wallet launch.
  • Exchange Swap will start from the middle of August.

More information regarding token swap, the wallet will be announced later on. Please stick to our official announcement channel.

CPChain, towards the trusted future!

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