Quick Overview of the Up-Coming Week

by CPChain at June 25, 2019


Dear Community, 

This is Wayne from CPChain. Today, I am so excited to write to you directly about the upcoming week. To begin with, I want to say thank you, for all the long-term company with this project. We witnessed the entire up-and-down in 2018 together. We experienced every critical point of CPChain, no matter it was positive or negative, together. There have been accomplishments as well as failures. There have been applause as well as criticism. CPChain is so lucky and honored to have such a great community supporting us all time long. 

CPChain is originated from the community support and we have the duty to feedback it. There have been months in which we drown ourselves into R&D and decided not to be distracted by the open market winter. And now it seems we made the right decision. We lost part of the support in either price or faith. But we are confident to win them back. Since this May, you might have already seen a lot of community-related events as well as progress in both BD and R&D. And I can tell that there will be more rolling on its way. 

Talking about this week, I cannot wait to see several more Industry node partners coming onboard and, the F-O-R-M-A-L mainnet launch report. Yes… it will be announced this week!! In addition, alongside the announcement, you will also have the right to decide whether or not to take part in the super attractive mainnet events. So stay tuned and stick to our channels for more details! 

CPChain, towards the trusted future!

P.S. There have been a lot of inquiries about S2 public test. we are faster than expected to launch the formal mainnet. If we start the S2, there will only be several days for the participants to propose blocks. We think it will not create a lot of value for either side. After internal discussion in the last two days, we made up our mind that we would cancel the S2 but waiting for the formal mainnet. After the launch day, we will also release some exciting movement for the community to ease the way for Token Swap and at the same time gain rewards from the action taken. Stay tuned! 

Wayne Tian
Overseas Operations Director

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