Recently, in the "2018 Shanghai Blockchain Conference", CPChain founder and CEO Dr. Long Chengnian, co-founder and CTO Dr. Zhao Bin, co-founder and COO Shi Qingwei were invited to communicate with the blockchain entrepreneur representatives, experts and professors on the topic of the future of Blockchain. During the session, Dr. Long Chengnian accepted an exclusive interview with the People's Daily and expressed his view points of Blockchain, in fields of R&D, application, interaction with Internet and the future. 


Following is the highlight of the interview:

Q) When did you initially get to know blockchain?
A) I am a researcher in fields of Internet of Things, wireless networks, and distributed systems. Under these research fields, cryptography and distributed systems are the underlying core technology of the blockchain. Probably in 2014 I was exposed to blockchain technology. At that time, my idea was whether I could solve the problem of the application of the IoT system through blockchain technology. With this in mind, I began to touch the blockchain technology.

After years of development, the foundamental technology of the IoT has undergone several iterations. Before each iteration, we believed that IoT technology can finally enter the daily life. However, the fact always prooved it wrong for us, we found it time after time that the IoT could not be truly  applied to life in a large scale. There are still deficiencies in the transformation of the entire IoT industry, which is often caused by a variety of reasons, some of which can be solved by blockchain technology.


Q) What is the relationship between Research and Application? 
A) From the blockchain perspective, I still think it is still industry prior to Research.  The blockchain industry should be warmed up to promote academic research. This view mignt be contrary to our perception that technology academic research will promote the application of the industry. But this is the reality of Blockchain Industry. The fundamental core technology of blockchain has been applied for many years. It is because of the integration of related technology, the current industrial transformation and the rise of the digital economy that nurtured blockchain technology. 


Q) What is the fundamental logic of blockchain?
A) It might differs in understanding of the fundamental logic of blockchain within different subjects and indusries. Simply speaking, the logic of blockchain is to distribute the centrilized data (info, ledge, asset) to all participants in a action chain, asking participants to jointly reord and maintain the chain. This is hte basic logic. The record on chain cannot be tempered, making it valuable and generating trust. In the decentralized system, there is no need for an intermediary to generate trust.  A technical algorithm can spontaneously conduct trust relation. After the trust is generated, it will bring changes to the business world and form a distributed style of business collaboration, which will improve business efficiency, reduce friction and bring higher commercial value.


Q) What is the relationship with blockchain and internet?
A) Blockchain is the evolution of the Internet. In the era of Web1.0 and Web2.0, it was mainly the connection between people, people and information. During that time, many different types of commercial systems, such as social platforms and e-commerce platforms, were created. In the future, we can rely on blockchain technology to further improve the trust relationship of the internet world that is based on the above mentioned connections. Collaboration through trust relationships will also deliver business value. Therefore, I believe that the relationship between the blockchain and the Internet is not a so-called parallel relationship. The blockchain should be the product of the continuous improvement and iteration of the Internet.


Q) In what kind of field will blockchain enlighten its value?
A) For a long time, we have tried to predict where and when blockchain will land and produce giants like BAT. I think this prediction is very hard to be accurate. In most cases, when we made predictions with confidence, we would witness some unexpected applicaiton in some area we had never thought about before. The fission of modern technology and the network effect of the Internet have made it difficult to predict in which scenarios an emerging technology will be truely applied in large-scale.

However, I believe that from the perspective of the nature of blockchain technology, the blockchain must be grounded in a multi-party collaboration scenario, using the trust relationship constructed by the fundamental technology of the blockchain to reduce friction and consumption in the business process to improve efficiency, even the transformation of production organizations. in this area, the blockchain has a lot to do.

Another example is the medical industry. Between different hospitals, the results of the inspections cannot be communicated. The essence is the problem of data silos. If blockchain technology can connect data silos and allow medical data to flow and interact, the cost of medical treatment and inspection will be greatly reduced. More importantly, through the emerging big data medical technology, the integration of genetic technology while achieving medical data sharing will greatly change people's medical and health concepts. In the future, people may not go to the hospital only for illness. pepple may be more involved in health pre-diagnosis and prevention, which will lead to changes in the overall medical industry.

Lingang Center is an important base for smart manufacturing and physical industry in Shanghai. In emerging smart manufacturing industry, devices often have a digital identity, whether it is an engine or other equipment. Their functional parameters and the data generated during use, if uploaded to the system through blockchain technology, will enable intelligent hardware to reflect in the virtual world. At the same time, it is also possible to unite cross industry manufacturers to create a collaborative atmosphere, which will bring synergistic effects to smart manufacturing. It will also do good for the transformation of intelligent manufacturing to a service-oriented and collaborative transformation.

At the moment, with the arrival of the blockchain 3.0 era, more and more people have realized that it is not enough to only use the blockchain technology. Blockchain also needs to be integrated with technologies such as IOT, AI and big data. Thus, more application scenarios will be generated, and blockchain will really move to the "next era." While focusing on blockchain technology, CPChain is always paying attention to the application development of blockchain. We are also looking forward to cooperating with more industry companies to explore the  application of blockchain.




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