(Shanghai, 2019/08/14) TokenInsight Staking Service (hereinafter as “TISS”) the sub-brand of the TokenInsight Group, recently reached a strategic partnership with the CPChain foundation and formally joined CPChain Industry Node partnership program. CPChain also joined the “Public Blockchain Growing Program” initiated by TISS. The leading rating service provider is another great example of influential industrial partners stepping into the CPChain ecosystem.

The “Public Blockchain Growing Program” was initiated by TISS and co-sponsored by 4 Public chain projects including CPChain, IOST, CyberMiles, and MultiVAC. The program aims to improve the stability of public chain community governance and ecosystem construction through multi-party in-depth cooperation. It combines the neutral, objective and in-depth rating services from TokenInsight with the professionalism of the four public chains in fields of architecture construction, token management, and ecosystem maintenance.

TokenInsight is committed to becoming the world's leading blockchain data and rating service organization with a professional attitude, a reliable and rigorous spirit to embrace new technologies and discovering new trends. Its founding team is composed of Tsinghua Yao Class and returnees from world-wide well-known universities. 70% of the members have a master's degree or above. TokenInsight has received millions of dollars in Series A financing from Matrix China, Draper Dragon, Fenbushi Capital, and the original shareholder SIG.

In the future, TokenInsight will rely on its abundant blockchain industry research experience to participate in the management and governance of the CPChain ecosystem together with other industry nodes, provide decision-making advice for the sustainable development of CPChain project, help realize CPChain global ecosystem expansion, and jointly create new public chain business ecosystem.

CPChain, towards the trusted future.

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