CPC Faucet


CPC faucet is an application that you can collect CPC test coins for free. The test coins can be used in newly-published CPChain Alpha Mainnet. Refer to https://cpchain.io/faucet/ to try it now.

Apply for a Wallet Address

To apply for test coins, a wallet address is required. CPC fusion provides APIs for interested users to create a wallet address.

  1. Refer to Installation, if you have yet installed CPC fusion.

  2. You can choose either start a local chain, or sync with Alpha Mainnet (Rhea).

    1. To start a local chain, use the following commands:

      $ cd ./examples/cpchain
      $ ./cpchain-all.sh

      ##Note that starting a local chain may fails. You may try several times until success.##

    2. To sync with Alpha Mainnet, use the following command:

      $ build/bin/cpchain run 
      --rpcapi personal,eth,cpc,admission,net,web3,db,txpool,miner

      ##If you cannot sync, please remove the directory ~/.cpchain/cphain as well as all files in it.##

  3. Apply a wallet address in the chain.

    1. Enter python3 interpreter, type in:

      >>> from cpc_fusion import Web3
      >>> cf = Web3(Web3.HTTPProvider(''))
      >>> cf.personal.newAccount(pwd)

      ##The port here can be varying from 8501 to 8512. And pwd refers to the a string of password you prefer.##

    2. Once succeeds, it a hexadecimal number, which is the wallet address.

Claim Test Coins

  1. Copy the wallet address and paste it in https://cpchain.io/faucet/. Now you can claim:w test coins.
  2. Following a successful claim, this transaction is inserted into the test chain. In this site https://cpchain.io/explorer/, the transaction details can be searched.


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