(Shanghai, June 27th, 2019) The next generation of data value transmitter, VNT Chain, recently reached an agreement with CPChain Foundation and has officially joined CPChain Industry Node. 

VNT Chain is supported by the world's leading blockchain technology service provider, Yunphant, using the "consortium chain + crosschain + public chain" aggregation chain architecture to create a global distributed smart value network, building the connector for data exchange and asset exchange,and accelerate distributed economy development in terms of financial industry, medical industry, supply chain industry, social network, and gaming industry. 

In the future, VNT Chain will cooperate with CPChain mainly in two areas. Based on its professionalism in data exchange, VNT chain and CPChain will share the resources to develop the mutual and stable data market place. In addition, VNT will also contribute to the community governance of CPChain and use its own servers to help stabilize the CPChain mainnet. 

CPChain, towards the trusted future. 

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