Shanghai Wurong Intelligence Technology Co. Ltd, and BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd. announced a partnership and became one of BMW’s suppliers in mainland China.

Founded in February 2018, Wurong Intelligence is a high technology company specializing in blockchain technology and Internet of Things (IoT). With the founding team’s profound knowledge of blockchain technology and the IoT industry, Wurong has developed a series of solutions and applications for mobility, healthcare and other industries.

Wurong Intelligence and BMW China’s cooperation started from June 2018. After multiple rounds of technological discussion and business negotiation, Wurong Intelligence developed a series of customized technological solutions to meet BMW China’s requirements on mobility. BMW China Automotive’s technology and purchasing departments fully accepted to and agreed with Wurong’s solutions. At the end of 2018, Wurong Intelligence officially became one of the technology suppliers of BMW China.

In the future, Wurong Intelligence will promote discussion with BMW, provide more reliable and effective blockchain solutions for BMW, and ultimately make blockchain a real valuable solution.

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